Importance of Youth Leadership

Why Are Leadership Skills Important for Youth to Learn?


Youth leadership is a term incorporated by many, but understood by only a few. If you think that leadership is only a trait for the top-shelves, you're wrong. With the change in workplace management, more businesses are moving towards flattened hierarchies. This means that even the junior employees will have to step up and showcase their skills.

According to a statistic[i], “83% of companies say it’s important to develop leaders at all levels. Yet less than 5% of them have implemented leadership development.” And this is not just a sentiment shared at the top. Rather, the ones below them also think the same. The majority[ii] of millennials say they experience a lack of leadership development in their organization. We’ve seen how bad these statistics can turn out for us in the future. So, is there a way out of this dilemma?


Youth Leadership

It's pretty standard that the kids enrolled in our schools today will be our biggest asset tomorrow. They'll be the ones heading into the corporate sectors, replacing us. They'll experiment with their own ideas. They'll fail. They'll rise back up. In short, they will decide the statistics for tomorrow. So, if we're facing a leadership shortage today. There's only one area to replenish; youth leadership.

Youth leadership, as the name clearly suggests, is a concept that helps our young generation analyze their abilities, set their goals, and then manage them through completion. By developing their interests, we can impart to them the skills they need for their future.


How Are Leadership Skills Important?

Leadership skills are much more than what they appear on your resume. They’re about experience, decisions, communication, awareness, and solutions.

We’ve seen the patterns. Young adults are now more results-focused than ever. They’re not afraid of challenging the status quo and are quite receptive to change. This makes them the ideal candidates to be the leaders of tomorrow. But for that, what they need is proper youth leadership development programs.


Developing Youth Leadership Skills

Schools and colleges must focus on how they're training their students. Do the students feel confident? Are they able to speak out and act when needed? Can they inspire others to do the same? If not, then we've headed in the wrong direction.

We need to start at the right level. Indulge in the importance of youth politics and student bodies. Not only that, but we also have to attract them towards our rising global concerns. Only then will they have the mental capacity to outperform the statistics, when their time comes.



71% of organizations report[iii] their leaders are not ready to lead their organizations into the future. And 84% of companies out there believe, there would be a drop in the number of available leaders in the next five years. So, unless we stand up and nurture our youth to these skills. We'll be stuck dealing with such statistics and whatnot.

Our young adults need inspiration. They need a direction, as to what they should be doing. Youth leadership is the need of tomorrow, and hence must be worked on today.






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